Why Be a Member?

Welcome. As a subscriber you have access to any and all items included now and everything as we record in the future. As technology changes so have we. CDs are sunsetting, Thumbdrives don’t fit in our phones. Streaming audio goes with us anywhere.

For a small fee you support the ongoing collection and digitizing of copyrighted material created by MSB Recording, Encore Audio Archives and MD Tapes. Copyrights of all speakers in the member area are owned by us. If you EVER find a speaker which we do not own the copyright please let us know. We do make mistakes.

Expenses including travel and equipment maintenance many times are not able to be met by the events.
A little about us.

MSB Recording was created by Billy and Sheri to fill a hole in local recording covering much of California.

Encore Audio Archives was created by Walt and Mary. Walt and Mary traveled the country recording and distributing recovery speakers for many years. Matt G acquired and operated Encore Audio Archives for several years.

MD Tapes was created by Matt G from Clovis CA. For many years he recorded around the country bringing speaker recordings to those not able to reach these events. Matt made certain these speaker tapes reached the newcomer just for the asking. In 2013 we lost Matt to the great meeting in the sky.

Dave S acquired MD Tapes and Encore Audio Archives from Matt G’s Estate.

In 2018 MSB Recording acquired MD Tapes and began the collection of the MD Tapes library.

In 2020 MSB Recording acquired Encore Audio Archives and the balance of MD Tapes.

These collections now include 10s of thousands of speakers from the inception of AA and Al-Anon as well as IDAA, WAAFT and other specialty groups.

Our goal is to digitize the complete collection making it available to the membership.